So our founders set out to create a natural product which cleans on par with or better than chemical cleaners. Their experience includes extensive and published research and development from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of California at Berkeley 1,2 . After years of research and development, the company achieved numerous breakthroughs in cleaning technology, has filed multiple global patent applications, and has applied for or received health certifications (such as non-irritation and hypoallergenic) and environment certifications.

1.M. Zahn and P. Wainman, "Fluid Convection…," Journalof Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, Volume 122 1993.
2.P. N. Wainman et al., "Characterization … Plasma Source," Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology, Sep/Oct 1995.

Our business was founded by Peter Wainman and Sirilak Narongtanupone in 2010. Our founders had allergic/severe irritation reactions (itchy red skin and asthma) from a chemical laundry care product commonly used in Thailand. After these allergic reactions, our founders decided to switch all of their laundry care and other home cleaning products to natural cleaning products.

But after looking extensively at available products, they could not find a product that met their standard: (i) natural; (ii) professional quality control process, and (iii) respected third party certifications for health (such as non-irritation and hypo-allergenic) and the environment.

For example: