We offer conscious consumers a healthy and environment-friendly alternative for washing and cleaning.

Our product policy:
  • Our product base is fruit.
  • We use natural plant based surfactants.
  • We do not add any ingredient derived from petrochemicals.
  • All of our products are certified as “Non-Irritation” by third party certifiers; our “Non-Irritation” certification is provided by Dermscan Asia (www.dermscanasia.com).
  • We endeavor to provide hypo-allergenic products; our laundry detergent products have been certified as “Hypo-Allergenic” by Dermscan Asian (www.dermscanasia.com) and other products are currently undergoing certification testing. We continuously review allergen patch tests and guidelines used in the United States and in Europe. For example, our laundry detergent products do not contain any allergen specifically listed under the allergy patch test which is approved by U.S. FDA. (http://www.truetest.com/panelallergens.aspx).
  • We do not use any ingredients from chlorine chemistry.
  • We do not perform any animal testing, either directly or indirectly.
  • We use only recyclable plastic and make a best effort to make our packaging use less plastic.
  • We are Eco-friendly from start to finish.
    • Our products are natural.
    • We use biotechnology to treat our water and use the treated water to water the plants in the facility area.
    • Our products bio-degrade more than 90% in 3 weeks.
    • Our products are mixed and packaged by a Green Industry Seal certified manufacturer.