The word STANDARD in our brand name denotes the uncompromising standard we have for our products. We created our products since we could not find commercially available products which met our standard on health and the environment.

To create our products, we adhere to strict international environmental and manufacturing good practices. Our environmental policies extend to nature conservation, minimizing the use of natural resources and using natural base (pineapple), to which is added various natural additives (we define natural as meaning no petroleum-derived ingredients).

There are three components to achieving our STANDARD.
1. Rigorous Quality Control (QC)
2. Eco-friendly from start to finish
3. Strive for excellence by constant learning

Rigorous Quality Control (QC)
QC is the heart of our operation. Starting from sourcing and selecting raw materials to cleaning, processing, mixing and packaging, inspecting and sampling, there are multiple QC procedures to make sure that our products meet full international standards, e.g., ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OSHAS 18001.

For the fermentation process, our incubation rooms are designed to ensure the highest yield of fermentation with least contaminants.

We have an in-house laboratory enabling us to check for microorganism contamination (such as yeast, mold and certain bacteria), undesired residues (such as pesticides or chlorine), and undesired by-products (such as methanol).

Our chemists and micro-biologists are tasked to maintain Quality Control as a top priority. These strict QC procedures also enable us to make sure that our products have excellent cleaning quality and consistency from natural raw materials.

Eco-friendly from start to finish
We constantly observe and account for the environmental impact from our manufacturing process. We use water and energy conscientiously. Our employees are trained to embrace environmental policies to conserve nature. We use industrial best standards in designing and implementing our waste water system. We use biotechnology to treat our water and use the treated water to water the plants in the facility area.

Our base product is natural, and we support the local community by purchasing raw ingredients from local suppliers.

We conduct numerous tests on our products. For example, we test our products by dropping samples in water basins containing aquatic plants and have found there is no negative impact to the growth of the plants - unlike other cleaning products which are tied to petroleum and other so-called natural cleaning products in which the aquatic plants wither away in a matter of days. Our products are biodegradable in a normal state of environment.

In terms of packaging, we constantly try to see if there is a better way to reduce the use of plastic materials. For example, we are testing Green PE plastic which is polyethylene (PE) plastic created from sugar cane instead of petroleum. Using Green PE or similar packaging materials helps reduce the carbon footprint from producing plastic from petroleum. We continuously seek to improve our packaging to provide the least possible impact to the environment.

Strive for excellence by constant learning
“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” (Aristotle)

We are constantly learning – we always seek to improve our products for health and the environment. As a company, we encourage our people to work as a team and for each employee to give input. We have significant on-going research and development efforts involving our chemists and micro-biologists, and we have achieved multiple breakthroughs. For example, we have found we can use plant extracts as a softener and thus avoid the chemical quaternium, a potential allergy trigger, in our products.

Our products are based on fermentation of pineapple - we review our fermentation processes on an ongoing basis to ensure we obtain fermentation results with better yields of organic acids and natural enzymes. We explore other kinds of plastic to see if there is another way to reduce carbon dioxide creation in the world. We optimize our production and logistic routes to ensure that we conserve energy. Our products are certified as irritation-free and/or hypoallergenic and have been allergy-tested by dermatologists at Dermscan Asia. We continue to follow allergy trends to be alert and prepared to meet new challenges.

We believe there is more we can do to make things better. At Equator Pure Nature, we value constant learning and ensure that our team develops a habit of striving for excellence.